Personal Excellence Program

Personal Development Computer Training Courses available 24/7 Books, Taps and DVD's available Seminars from guest speakers, chefs, and other professionals Community Charities
Beach Cleaning
Donating blood
Donations of goods no longer needed on the ships
Entertainment BINGO
Crew parties
Independence Day celebrations
Cultural holidays
Shore Excursions
Sports and Recreation Inter-ship and intra-ship events (Soccer; Basketball; Hiking; Swimming; Ping Pong; Bicycling) Recreational Events (Darts; Foosball; etc) Health & Fitness DAMFit - Fitness program
DAMQuit - Smoking cessation program
Crew doctor involvement
Dietary advice
Nutrition advice
Weight Watcher programs
Spirituality Weekly services with the religious professional that is brought on board for guests Faith based group meet regularly
Formal recognition of the appropriate holidays from the major religious groups on board Onboard mosque Financial Funds transfer programs
Strategic advice
Manning agent(s)
Land-based Human Resource