You will receive a Joining Letter and flight details from your recruitment agency. Bring this letter with you when you travel to the ship, along with your passport, medical certificate and any safety-related certificates. Once you have completed any local Immigration and Customs procedures, refer to your joining letter for instructions where to go. In most cases, there will be hotel information and you will take a free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. However, in some ports you will be met by the local Port Agent and brought to the hotel or directly to the ship. The hotel staff will advise pickup times for crewmembers the following morning from the hotel lobby. Depending on the port these times can be very early, so be sure to set an alarm clock or request a wake-up call. If you are picked up by the Port Agent, he or she will tell you the next morning's pickup time. You will wear your own clothing when joining the ship, but remember that first impressions are made the moment you set foot onboard. A more conservative appearance is suggested. Due to immigration and customs regulations the ship has to comply with, there may be a wait at the dock before you will be allowed to board. The Human Resources Manager will welcome you at the gangway with a Welcome Onboard packet. This packet will include: Customs Declaration form Time and place of the safety meeting Procedures for obtaining your Employee ID Card Cabin Key Ship's Map As long as you work for the company, you will keep the same Employee ID number. Your personal account number will change with each contract. Your Crew Officer (CO) will make sure all your paperwork is correct. They will also make sure you are officially on the payroll and help you with any questions you have about your benefits. Before sailing you will pick up your life jacket at the Bridge or it will be given to you during the safety meeting on the first or second day of boarding. Your passport, including visas, will be kept in the Crew Office upon signing on. Your Medical Certificate is kept in the ship's Medical Center. It is your responsibility to make sure these documents are valid for your entire time onboard. New Employee Orientation Program >>