Training & Development Learning Management System Holland America Line also has a web-based Learning Management System. This provides access to computer based training modules. You may access the Learning Management System from onboard the ship and at home. When you need to access the Learning Management System while onboard, it is accessible from any computer on the ship's network, as well as from the Training Room onboard. On the desktop of each PC in the Training Room, you will find a shortcut to the onboard LMS. Double-click the links, and the LMS login screen will come up. Your login information is: Username: employeenumber (example. 12345) Password: password You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login. At the LMS learner screen, you will see a catalog of available courses. If you have trouble while onboard, contact the Human Resources Manager. LMS Access at Home To access the Holland America Learning Management System from home (or anywhere outside the Holland America Line network), you will need to go through the web site first. The steps to get to the Learning Management System from are as follows: Make sure your computer meets the following requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 and above Internet Explorer 6 or above Macromedia/Adobe Flash Player 8 or above Windows Media Player 9 or above Pop-up blockers should be turned off To access the Learning Management System while ashore, please contact the onboard Human Resources Manager for log-in instructions.